Configure GL-inet x750

Hi everyone
Im brand new to this forum and anything to do with OpenWrt
I have a GL-inet x750 router and decided for the moment I should stick with the original FW that is supplied with the router as I feel my tech skills are not the best, however I want to beef up the routers security as much as possible, and I see that there is a choice of 7000+ plugins that I can install, which Im presuming are openwrt based plugins
Firstly does anyone know where I can find instructions on how to get this router to save to SD card (router is already recognizing SD card)
Secondly, is there any information on what are the best addons to use to beef up the routers security? as to go through 7000+ is not an option
I am struggling to find the information I need and I hope that I am posting in the right place here (appologies if im not!)
Any advice very much appreciated

then you should post all your questions in gl.inets forum ....

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