Configure as switch, Wireguard, policy based routing

I would like to configure my OpenWrt router as a switch, which I connect to my router from my provider. On OpenWrt I would like to setup a Wireguard connection and do some policy based routing to the connected devices.

I need some advices from the basics. If I configure OpenWrt as a switch can I still access the Luci? I think I can setup the Wireguard connection, the policy based routing is another question.

clients ↔ OpenWrt /WiFi+LAN [+policy based routing VPN]/ ↔ ISP router ( ↔ Internet

In default OpenWrt is acting like a switch, when I plug my ISP's router to one of the LAN port on OpenWrt, but I am unable to access Luci. It is possible to configure Luci's address to a static IP?

Yes Luci will be there.

You cannot combine an OpenWrt router acting as a switch with L3 functions like wireguard and PBR.

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