Configure a wifi repeater


I'm trying to configure a wifi repeater with a TPLink WR710N under openWrt 17.01. I know that it's an old version, but it's the last available for my hardware.

All is working fine excepted after a reboot, I must :

  • Go to the «Interfaces» page
  • Set 'Unmanaged" on my AP network configuration
  • Save the modifications
  • Set back the configuration to "Relay bridge" and save the modifications
    After that the clients get an IP by the DHCP located on my master router (openWrt 19.7 RC2)

Somebody have an idea to resolve that or to set these modifications automatically after the reboot ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. Try to perform actions via command line using uci.
  2. Add corresponding commands to /etc/rc.local

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