Configuration two router

I have 2 Tp-link routers models:

  • TL-WDR4300
  • Arch c50
    with firmware openwrt 17.01.04

I have an area at home where there is no network point and wireless signal and very weak.
I would like to put the second router (Arch c50) to replicate the wireless signal in that area of my house.

What would be the best way to do this setup?

Would you have any good howto to run the activity?

Leandro Costa

Check the wiki for "mac80211 WDS/ 4addr", this requires both routers to run LEDE/ OpenWrt (4addr is specific to mac80211 based wireless drivers, while OEM firmwares typically use some kind of vendor driver that doesn't support 4addr).

If you can't run LEDE on both devices (you can, both are supported just fine), the routed client approach would be the only alternative, which is a lot more complex and way less convenient.

Thanks I got it done and I'm using the same SSID.
How do I switch between the router with the weakest signal automatically go to the strongest?

Leandro Costa

You can reduce the time the re-auth needs by enabling 802.11r (fast-handover; at least for clients supporting it; 802.11r configuration has gotten significantly easier in 18.06~ or master/HEAD), but given that 802.11k or other advanced features like bandsteering and wireless controllers aren't implemented in OpenWrt so far the actual decision to leave one AP and choose another is up to the client (which do that with varying success).