Configuration question | Wireless Client 802.1x

I installed Lede onto a tl-wr902ac travel router. I got it up and running. Removed wpad-mini and installed hostapd, wpad, and relayd. I've got the 5GHz radio connecting with our 802.1x authentication and have a relay interface connecting the wlan with the eth0 port. It works for the most part. Our building as multiple WAPs that are managed by a single controller but they all share the same SSID.

How would I go about setting the 5GHz radio to authenticate with the SSID instead of each individual WAP? I found that I have to connect to a specific MAC address so if I move it to a different location, I have to delete my interfaces and remake them every time I want to move the wr902ac to a different location in the building. I am using this to act as a wifi card for a IP KVM. I am more familiar with DD-WRT but not so much with LEDE and have had to scour the internets just to get it up to where it's at now. I'm hoping to set this up so I can just plug it in behind some equipment, power it up and have it connect automatically to make the IP KVM accessible.

Any help would be welcome. Thanks in advance!

Leave the BSSID blank and it will connect to any AP (hopefully the strongest) with matching SSID.

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I didn't even consider that! I'll give it a shot. Thanks!!


That worked beautifully! It now roams across all of the WAPs with no issues. Thanks again!!