Configuration of proxy on new OpenWrt Router

Recently i purchased a new OpenWrt Router from

  1. We use Proxy connection in our institute to connect to internet. Before OpenWrt we only need to configure Wifi router as AP mode but in OpenWrt i don't understand how to configure this.
  2. I want to setup OpenWrt Router in a way that i don't need to fill Proxy setting in all device which is connected to Openwrt router. (Parent Proxy Support or Upstream Proxy support).
  3. If we connect to internet using other source i.e Mobile hotspot and connect router via Lan port of PC we can't download Extra Package like Squid.
  4. If we connect router with Wifi Network Using mobile Hotspot and connect PC using Lan port, still we can't connect to internet nor download any extra package / Update package list.

I am new to OpenWrt and Linux but love to learn.
Please Help Me
Thanking you

Which version of OpenWrt was the vendor’s firmware based on?

Which device?

Firmware Version LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r4594-6bdb662deb / LuCI Master (git-17.194.28316-2224714)
Kernel Version 4.9.37

Total Available 101980 kB / 125496 kB (81%)
Free 98716 kB / 125496 kB (78%)
Buffered 3264 kB / 125496 kB (2%)

Study that topic:

I need a step to step guide. I am not able to run Internet through OpenWrt router so can't install any extra module like Squid. Firstly How to connect to internet via OpenWrt? i tried with Mobile Hotspot but no luck. (connect Mobile hotspot with OpenWrt as a client).

Sorry to disappoint you, but there's no such guide, unless you create it yourself.
You aren't expecting we write it here from scratch, are you?

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Not fully, But need 'how to' and some basic starting steps.

Have a look around here


Where there is no proxy server required, if you just connect the LAN port to an internet source, you should have inherent.

Sorry but we need to connect to proxy server port 3128 and with username and password also

What I am saying is that if you need to install squid to run proxy, connect to internet that doesn't need proxy, then you can configure it and connect to a proxy.

Or if you have the necessary knowledge to install packages offline.

Opkg supports proxy, so you can configure it to download and install some other package.


That's good to know!!

If you are on a Windows machine, you could use WinSCP to access and edit configuration files in place for opkg proxy config, as advised by @trendy

It goes without saying that you need to be very careful when you start editing files manually. Pay attention to details, syntax and capitalization

Thanks, i managed to connect internet with the help of other router setup as wireless repeater (My own mobile wifi hotspot) and connect a Lan port to OpenWrt router WAN port. and i am able to install Squid.
Now i need help to setup upstream proxy with username and password that My ISP provided to me.
But i don't know where to fill these details.
Thanks Once again

Why don't you install the Luci app for squid if you are not comfortable with the configuration files?
On a side note, most of the configuration lies in /etc/config/


Where to fill
port: 3128
user name: abcde
password: 1234567
in Confg. file

I have not installed the proxy package. How does the default config look like?

Then study the google-searching.
This is a must-have skill for a linux user.

What @trendy said:

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