Configuration of IPv6 for passby router

Hi guys, this is my routers arch now.
The dial-up router(left) is also a dhcp server, it can distribute IPv6 addresses.
The single-port router(right) is used to provide some special services such as customized DNS.
Once I tried to configure IPv6 on the right one, the entire network environment will collapse, unable to connect to the Internet.

Here is what I modified in the configuration:
interface lan
IPv6 assignment length: 64
disable DHCP and all IPv6 DHCP settings
Use builtin IPv6-management: yes

adding a new interface 'lan6' and assign it to the firewall-zone LAN
using DHCPv6 client proto

So I wonder is there any config I did wrong in this situation?

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so just set the interface lan's IPv6 assignment length to disabled?

BTW, is there any firewall config need to be changed?

Hi, not working :frowning:

I can see that both of the main router's wan/lan port got a /64 IPv6 address and the lan port has a fe80 local address
after I configed the single-port router, the interface LAN will get a IPv6 address and the interface LAN6(@lan) will also get one
but later the whole network crashed