Configuration for WIFI NAS

Hi there, i bought the nexx WT3020 WIFI Router on which you can plug a hard disk by usb.

I wanted to use it as a wifi NAS, to share my files between équipements at home (android boxes, phones tablet).

I Don't know how to achieve this, can you point me to the tutos please ?

Internet box <--wifi -->NEXX / NAS <--wifi-->KODI on boxes

It would be a lot easier if you connect that router to the internet box by cable rather than WiFi.

As for the disk, if your disk is NTFS, then in addition to the link that @vgaetera shared, you will also need NTFS support

Note that in the link that @vgaetera shared, it references alternative page "", which involves formatting the disk. So you better stick to the page that @vgaetera shared, as formatting there is only done if necessary.

If you have TV where you can't install Kodi, you could also enable miniDLNA on the router. Most modern TVs support DLNA out of the box