Configuration for RV?

Wifi at campgrounds here in Canada is notoriously weak so Ive mounted a LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 to the top of my RV.

The LiteBeam has a 2.4 and 5Ghz radio, How should i configure OpenWrt so i can pick up wifi as i travel and share it with the various devices aboard?

That is primarily a 5 GHz device. The 2.4 radio does not have power amplifiers or use the dish antenna and will have very limited range. So it is only of much use if the campground offers a 5 GHz signal.

If you do have 5 GHz service the most useful configuration would be what is known as a routed client.

ok thanks..what would be the ideal device for my application?

Presumably the campgrounds will only have 2 GHz so there aren't as many options. Look at the Nanostation loco M2 or the UAP-AC-Mesh. The latter is true dual band and GbE, both features that are good for the future, but it isn't directional. If you have a weak but usable signal on a handheld device the AC-Mesh will get good reception.

Ok I got to the first camp ground and it has 5GHz but you have to pay. Its $8 a day "per device"!:flushed:

How should i configure openwrt so I don't have to pay for each device?

If you run it as a router they will only see it as one device.