Configuration for 802.11u and Hotspot2.0 wireless feature

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I see hostapd.conf has 802.11u and hotspot2.0 configuration support. But I am not getting respected UCI command or /etc/config/wireless configuration for enabling this feature in hostapd in openwrt.

Could you please someone please help, is 802.11u and hotspot2.0 supported in openwrt?
if yes, please share the UCI and /etc/config/wireless configuration.

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@ravindra, welcome to the community!

Perhaps I'm not understanding...

  • Are you trying to enroll an OpenWrt AP into a 802.11u infrastructure?
  • Are you trying to connect an OpenWrt device as a client - in an existing 802.11u infrastructure?
  • Or are you trying to create a new infrastructure using 802.11u?


I am trying to configure 802.11u on openWRT based AP.

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Your reply did not offer new information that can be used to assist you. What does "configure 802.11u on openWRT based AP" mean?

  • Do you want to enroll this device with your ISP/University network - as an additional AP?
  • Are you trying to connect the OpenWrt to a 802.11u network - as a client?
  • Are you the administrator of a network; and wish to create a new 802.11u infrastructure - using an OpenWrt?
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Unfortunately Openwrt does not support 802.11u. You could enable 802.11u by editing hostapd-full.config