Configuration file of openwisp-config being overwritten (faulty conffiles section)

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I just confirmed a bug in openwisp-config that was reported to me by others, if the package is upgraded via opkg install <url/file>, the config in /etc/config/openwisp is overwritten without asking for confirmation (which I remember was the old behavior), can anyone hint me at what may be causing the issue?

Here's the link to the Makefile of openwisp-config.

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Well, the first observation is that the conffiles declaration is faulty.
It should be unindented (as the lines are passed as arguments and the leading spaces may cause trouble.

define Package/openwisp-config-$(BUILD_VARIANT)/conffiles
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Thanks a lot @hnyman, I didn't know that, it worked.
Here's the fix, in case anyone has the same issue:

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