Configuration (.config) files used in pre-built images

Where can I find the .config file used by the Makefiles for each of the pre-built images, e.g.

I'm sure there was a specific git repo for it somewhere but can't seem to find it. I want to copy the .config file of the above Unielec router, and then add in my own modifications. I know I can select the router as a target in make menuconfig, but I want to know what additional kernel modules etc. were pulled in in the stock image.

Checked the bottom of that same page ?

The closest I can find is config.buildinfo at the bottom of here

But that's generic to mt7621, not specific to the board

There is no need to copy anything.
Just start with an empty or missing .config and select your router, and you will get the defaults for router. Just the same is used by buildbot (which additionally includes LuCI GUI for the release branches)

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