Configuration backup, restore to different device

Can I backup my configuration on one LEDE router and restore it to a different one and what are the requirements of doing so?

Technically yes, as the config fils are just files. But blindly restoring the backup in a different type of router can lead into major problems, as some settings are hardware related.

Of the config files in etc/config, both network and system are directly related to hardware, e.g. switch settings, LEDs, lan interface etc. Also wireless includes hardware stuff.

So you should not restore those in a different router.

But restoring to a similar router should work ok in most cases.

Thanks that was the information I sought.I did try to search for it but it was fruitless.

What you could do is unpack the backup on a regular computer (it's just a tarball) and use them as a reference to reconfigure your new device. Like @hnyman says, just restoring all of them indiscriminately isn't a good idea (especially network config etc.).

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I saw that it was a .tar, that's good to know.

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