Configuration backup anomaly?

Why does the inclusion of /root/ as follows not save files inside /root following attended sysupgrade?

What [kind of] files do you have inside root?

Was just one script file with execute bit set.

Have you tried specifying the full path to the file.

Only the following folders in /etc are backed up...

(he's trying to back up /root)

Doesn't specifying folder result in folder getting backed up? Something is broken presumably?

  • you only have one file
  • and no, it results in saving the file (with its file structure), you want to save the file in the folder, correct?

(I said to specify the file, not the folder. I was responding to the other poster.)

So specifying folder to backup does not result in backing up folder?

(I'm still testing that, I'm waiting on your response regarding the file.)

I have no doubt specifying full path would work.

Just curious why specifying /root/ did not backup script inside /root/.

Easy solution:

Save firmware
Restore firmware

Well in my case I lost nothing, but I think it would be good to see what the issue is here to prevent data loss in future for myself or others.

In my experience, all files in /root/ (or really any directory) are backed up if the directory path is specified. Just tested on 21.02.1 and it works as expected.

Try putting some files in /root/ and running a backup. You should see the files are there. This suggests that the issue, if any, may exist in the attended sysupgrade process.


Thanks. Yes makes sense. Could it be at all related to overlay I wonder?

This is on RT3200 by the way. I can test again to make sure next snapshot update.