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I'm not sure if it's possible to configure the standard and bandwidth to be automatic. Does OpenWrt support this? Basically, the standard and bandwidth would be automatically selected based on the environment. Configuring the channel parameter with auto mode should serve a similar purpose.

I'm not sure what you're asking for.

At least as I understand the current WiFi standards, they have reasonable fallbacks to earlier standards, assuming security isn't wildly compromised.

If you want to blindly ignore security accommodate some ancient devices you can allow the insecure encryption methods such as described at or available in LuCI on a virtual AP by AP basis. If you've got a device or devices that are old enough that they are not compatible with WPA2 CCMP or newer, I would only run them on separate AP, on an isolated network and assume that they have been compromised.

NB: At least in the past, "auto" for channel did not dynamically scan the environment and somehow select a channel that was optimal in that environment.

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Wifi standard refers to different protocols like n, ax, ac, b, g, and n, while channel width can be 20, 40, 80, or 160 MHz. Currently, according to the OpenWrt documentation, the htmode field is configured with values like VHT80 (for the ac standard with a channel width of 80MHz) and HE160 (for the ax standard with a channel width of 160MHz). You're asking if it's possible to configure the broadcasting standard or channel width as "auto," and you're unsure if OpenWrt supports this.
[OpenWrt Wiki] Wi-Fi /etc/config/wireless