Config Shadowsocks

Hi there I have a shadowsocks Server (IP, Port and password)! I use it on my systems (computer, ios and Android) I also want to use it on openwrt and connect those mobilephones and computer to it to change and hide IP Address, I saw many tutorials and seemed complicated to me
Can somebody please help me to config and run Shadowsocks on Openwrt?!!

Router : TP-Link Archer C60 V2

Firmware Version: OpenWrt 18.06.5 r7897-9d401013fc / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-19.309.48729-bc17ef6)

See only configuration, packages now are at standard repository:

Here exists a simple recipe in the source tree:

Thank You so much Yousong
I followed
now it's working for me
Appreciate that

one More question
for starting automatically shadowsocks-libev what command should I insert in front of exit 0 in Start up !!?
sleep 10
/etc/init.d/shadowsocks-libev start !!?
for those moments that the internet cuts off on main router and I have to restart shadowsocks-libev
Appreciate that

It should be already set so on installation. See if shadowsocks-libev is in /etc/rc.d/. If not /etc/init.d/shadowsocks-libev enable should do

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