Config seed setting incorrect target

Hi when I create a config seed for some reason my target changes to a different sub device than the one my config seed came from.

looking at the config seed it has the correct target and board but when it makes an actual config it changes any ideas?

Anyway this is my script I run but after this my target changes from my wallysdr4029 to something else and I'm stumped:

echo "this update script will delete contents of bin build_dir and tmp"
echo "it will then hard reset git to head and update feeds"
echo "finally it will create a new config seed and copy it to a new config"
echo -e "\nPress a key to skip removing built reminants or C to continue "
read -n1 -s -r  DELETE
if [ "$DELETE" == "C" ] ; then
	echo -e "\ncontinue"
	echo "Removing built reminants now (progress removed to speed up processing)"
	rm -rf bin build_dir tmp
  echo -e "\nskipped"

echo -e "\nPress a key to skip git fetch and reset or C to continue"
read -n1 -s -r GIT
if [ "$GIT" == "C" ] ; then
	echo -e "\ncontinue"
	git fetch
  git reset --hard origin/master
  echo "skipped"

echo -e "\nPress a key to skip updating feeds or C to continue"
read -n1 -s -r GIT
if [ "$GIT" == "C" ] ; then
	echo -e "\ncontinue"
	echo "downloading fees now"
	./scripts/feeds update -a > /dev/null
	./scripts/feeds install -a > /dev/null

  echo -e "\nskipped"

echo -e "\ncreating default config"
./scripts/ > configdiff > /dev/null
cp configdiff .config > /dev/null
make defconfig > /dev/null

echo -e "\nAll done"

I have however edited the file in the script directory to build the ipq40xx target by default to stop me building the incorect target all the time but I cant see how this would cause this issue.

	prompt "Target System"
	default TARGET_ipq40xx
	reset if !DEVEL


You are using the redirection operator incorrectly.

Get rid of all references to > /dev/null

To illustrate, try this:

cd /etc/config
cat network > network.bak > /dev/null
ls -la network*

Notice that network.bak has no file size.

Continue . . . this time without redirecting to the dev/null blackhole.

rm network.bak
cat network > network.bak
ls -la network*

Now notice the network.bak has the same file size as network.

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The idea was to redirect command line output tso I get no feedback on the screen how would I acomplish that ?

Redirect stdout or stderr to the blackhole.