Config Mwan3 & IPSet


I'm using LuCI openwrt-22.03 on RPI4.

It's a mobile router wiht 3 wan connetion (wifi client & 2 lte modem) and working very well!


I want to manage a traffic from google (Photo, Play store Update, backup, etc...) with only one LTE modem (there are more giga on this connection)

There is a guide? (I'm trying for a long time... without lucky!)

Up... nobody can help me?

Do you have all these IPs in a IP set?


no because i have only a DNS name...
for these reason I want configure IPSET..

On documentation ( there are a lot information... but doesn't work!!

For this reason I'm asking here....


I'll try to ask again:

  • Do you already have a list of IPs that could be added to the set?
  • If so, is it a TXT file?

What doesn't work (please use full descriptions of what you tried and didn't work)?


sorry.... now I've understand....

My goal is...

Ad an IPset like a DNS name... and find the correct way for populate automatically the IP address..


  1. Add ipset=/ (to etc/dnsmasq.conf)
  2. ipset -N google hash:ip
  3. ping

but every restart I lose all information...