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I found there is this setting CONFIG_KERNEL_DEBUG_FS=y, but with make menuconfig (the new OpenWRT), I cannot un-check. Do you know that is?

Isn't slowing down the router and use more memory?


The other debugging options I was able to un-check.

try to change in your .config file change CONFIG_KERNEL_DEBUG_FS=y to # CONFIG_KERNEL_DEBUG_FS is not set
then run make defconfig and check that it's still unset

or another option is to open make menuconfig press / then search for KERNEL_DEBUG_FS and that should show up how it's defined and where in the menuconfig

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So if I just comment out this debug fs, it will not give problems right? That's it?

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What is weird is, that you can only change the .config, in the make menuconfig, there is no option, it is always checked, no option to un-check. Weird. Would be good to know why it is done like this.


how are you?
So if I just comment out this debug fs, it will not give problems right? That’s it?

not quite ; if there is a symbol that enforces the selection of CONFIG_KERNEL_DEBUG_FS=y then you cannot disable it ;

if you do grep -r KERNEL_DEBUG_FS | grep select you will find out which symbols select [and enforce] KERNEL_DEBUG_FS

seems you may need to disable also: [CONFIG_]PACKAGE_MAC80211_DEBUGFS and/or [CONFIG_]KERNEL_DYNAMIC_DEBUG

From the print-screen it looks like KERNEL_DYNAMIC_DEBUG - "Compile the kernel with dynamic printk" is disabled.

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it looks like this:

docker@49593bd9842a:/build/source$ grep -r KERNEL_DEBUG_FS | grep select
	package/kernel/mac80211/Makefile:		select KERNEL_DEBUG_FS
config/	select KERNEL_DEBUG_FS
tmp/.packageinfo:		select KERNEL_DEBUG_FS
tmp/info/.packageinfo-kernel_mac80211:		select KERNEL_DEBUG_FS
tmp/			select KERNEL_DEBUG_FS

So, I guess, it is better to keep it, can't be so slowing so much the router, right?

Thanks Master! :slight_smile:

tbh, I don't know about any slow-down effects of KERNEL_DEBUG_FS ;
some investigation would be needed to see about it;

i suspect there are sources for slow-down that have a higher impact than this :slight_smile:

yeah, i think so.
thanks so much! take care! ciao!