Config help using a dedicated G.Fast Modem connected to router?

Which is the correct config guide for using a dedicated modem connected to the Openwrt router via a LAN cable?

I have a BT Home Hub 5 configured with Openwrt. I've been upgraded by my provider and they've provided me with a new modem G.Fast Modem MT992, which connects directly to the phone line. I'm at a loss how to reconfigure the Openwrt router to work with the separated modem rather than the DSL built-in one.

Previously, I'd used the integrated DSL modem inside the BTHH5 device. This was connected directly to my phone line. I then had a WAN configured in LUCI. Stupidly I thought the new modem would be plug and play, connecting via a LAN cable from the modem to the BTHH5. However, I've connected the two together, both via the standard LAN port on the BTHH5 and the designated WAN marked LAN port. But neither a providing me with an internet connection. Any ideas?

Who is your ISP ?

Refer to section 7.5 of the installation guide. Basically, you need to look at section 9.2 if your ISP uses PPPoE (ie. BT, Plusnet, EE, Vodafone).

ps. if you have line speeds greater than 100 mbps, you may find the HH5a is too slow.

The ISP is TalkTalk.

Try section 9.3

Thanks for the super quick reply and advice @bill888. Section 9.3 provided my with the exact solution to get the HH5a talking with the new G.Fast modem via WAN modem port. Works perfectly from what I can tell over the past 15 mins.

Tests today are showing approx ~103mpbs down. I'll keep checking over the next week. The upgraded service is suppoed to be TalkTalk Fibre 150mpbs. Any recommendations on devices that would be able to getter handle this faster connection? I run my Wifi through a set of 3x BT Whole Home Wifi Mesh network.

I presume TT supplied a router. Perhaps reconnect it temporarily and run a speed test to verify the speed of your actual 'upto' 150 mbps service?

Only suggestion is to ask on the Hardware Questions & Recommendations forum. There is no 'perfect' all in one OpenWrt device which is fast, trouble-free wireless, and inexpensive imho.

fwiw, Xiaomi UK offer the R4A Gigabit AC1200 880MHz MT7621 MIPS powered router for £25.99 plus delivery but it has issues. An ARM powered device would be faster.

That's correct, TT supplied their standard TT Award-winning Wi-Fi Hub which looks like a Sagecom based router (Fast 5364-4.T8).

Testing this morning using the HH5a, I'm getting around ~65-70Mbps down and ~8Mbps up. Which is about the same as I was getting pre-upgrade. Using the TT provided router I'm getting ~103Mbps down and ~8-9Mbps up. Both the HH5a and TT router were connected to the G.Fast modem via a wired cable.

As you've mentioned it looks like the HH5a is a bottleneck and providing me with much a benefit since upgrading.

Thanks for the recommendation @bill888, what are the issues you mentioned with the Xiaomi R4A? From a quick look this morning an RPi4 or the Nanopi R4S Mini 1GB could be a good solution, but I'll post in the Hardware Questions & Recommendations forum.

There's a Very long Developers thread dedicated to the R4AC
I believe there are some 'custom builds' to address some of the (mostly wireless?) issues.

Thank you. I use a separated wifi mesh network so that might not be an issue in my usecase.

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