Config file that is used in OpenWrt Install Image for TL-WR850N v2

Hi all. Could someone says how can I get default ".config" file that is used in OpenWrt Install Image for TP-Link TL-WR850N v2 router? I suspect it could be the following sequence of actions:

  1. make menuconfig
  2. Target System = MediaTek Ralink MIPS (TARGET_ramips)
  3. Subtarget = MT76x8 based boards (TARGET_ramips_mt76x8)
  4. Target Profile = TP-Link TL-WR850N v2

All other options by default. Is it correct?

Any ideas? I tried image that OpenWrt community provides and it works, but I'm interested in trying to build the same image with a little changes. For this purpose I need OpenWrt config file that was used to build those images.

Just made one myself - see

Archer C7 v2

for an example for another router.

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Excellent! Thanks very much

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