Computer wifi-connection to Router with OpenVPN client to Home OpenVPN server

Looking for some guidance/suggestions for how to do connect with a computer from abroad but any connections will look like they are coming from home network.
And this without installing any software on the computer, something like:

Computer with wifi connected to;
"Hardware Router" connected with either cable or wifi connection to Broadband or Hotel Wifi.
Hardware router connects with OpenVPN client to OpenVPN server at home.
All traffic from computer is going thru the OpenVPN tunnel.

I can look up the details but just looking for suggestions if anyone has done this ...

Thanks for any help ...

You’ve basically described it already. Your home router will be one endpoint for your vpn, and you can get a travel router to bring with you on the road. I do this myself with openwrt routers on both sides and it works quite well.

I have both OpenVPN and wireguard installed to give me options, but wireguard is much higher performance and thus recommended when possible.

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Thanks! Good to know that Im on The right track!

Yup. It is often called a road-warrior VPN setup. It's not hard to setup in general.

One thing that is required is a home internet connection with a public IP address and the ability to connect from outside. If you have a connection that doesn't provide at least a public IPv4 and/or a proper IPv6 address, you won't be able to make it work without an intermediary such as a VPS to which both sides connect.

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I was hoping to be able to use my 2 existing Asus routers with Asus WRT merlin but looks like there is no support for Wifi WAN in merlin.
Any suggestions?

Thanks ...

EDIT: I guess I could something simple as in bridge mode and connect it to the USB port in the Asus ...

Install a different firmware such as OpenWrt, assuming that there is proper support for your device.

Thanks ...

looks like support for the RT-N66U B1 is so so ...

Yeah, this will not be a good experience. The BCM 47xx chipset has very limited support and will be very slow.

You can run OpenVPN-server on PC in your home network, router in this case just forwards packets from special wan port.

I ended up with installing freshtomato .
It was quite straightforward to install with asus firmware utility and then with The web gui set either The 2.4 Ghz or The 5 Ghz adapter as wan wifi adapter and then enable open vpn client to connect with my asus wrt merlin box at home plus configure to pass all internet traffic thru vpn ...

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