Computer ip not visible on main router

I have a question, I have a router DIR 825 for internet and my router with Open Wrt installed provide better wifi in my room. So the ethernet cable runs to this router with Open Wrt. The only problem i opened port 22565 on my computer and open wrt but it says the port it closed. It works when i unplug the router and connect directly to the main router. This is for my minecraft server.
I noticed that when i port forward on the DIR 825 i only see open wrt not my computer ip which could be the problem. Can you help me make my computer visible when connected through open wrt on my main router

Unless you have some specific needs, I would change the default configuration on the OpenWrt router to a "dumb AP" setup (there is a guide explaining this mode).


Thanks, do i need to make this change on a fresh install because i have set a static ip etc

static IP is even better, if it was on the openwrt device.

as eduperez already mentioned.

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