Compiling python packages recompiles python

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to LEDE-package a custom, under-development Python3 package with C extensions (to be honest, it's cythonized code).
I took python-pcapy as a working example and finally managed to get it to work.

However, I had to add the following line to my Package/mypackage:


This means that every time I run make package/mypackage/compile, the following gets invoked as a dependency:

make[2] -C feeds/packages/lang/python/python3 compile

which takes about 1.5 minutes, the same as running make package/python3/compile.
I doubled checked and the same applies to python-pcapy.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any way to skip this so to speed up the development/testing cycle?
I tried temporarily removing the DEPENDSency, but this breaks compilation:

Package mypackage is missing dependencies for the following libraries:

Thanks in advance!

I use ccache during my development cycles to speed things significantly.

Assuming you have it installed on your build machine and properly configured, it's under "Advanced configuration options (for developers)" in menuconfig, which adds at least

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Thanks. I'm afraid what happens under the hood is something else though.
It looks like recompiling python runs a lot of other tasks (like installing/removing libraries, running tests, etc...)
Any idea?