Compiling OpenWrt with my own package list

When we use image builder we can use variable PACKAGES="-xxx yyyy" remove/include packages from image. Is there any something similar for compilation? I can found only 'make menuconfig' which is hard to scripting :slight_smile:

The easiest thing is probably to manually craft a short .config recipe, and then expand it with "make defconfig" into a full .config

Example of select something instead of default:

Thanks. It is still not clear to me if this solution deal with:
a) removed packages? I understand they will be comments like " #CONFIG_PACKAGE_wpad-basic-mbedtls is not set" .
b) dependencies?

Yeah, removed packages are marked that way. (Normal kernel config syntax, so the "is not set" is needed)

Dependencies get pulled automatically in by the "make defconfig", that is the beauty. You can have a really short recipe with the router definition and just the actual packages that you want. All dependencies can be left out from the recipe.

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