Compiling OpenWrt to include tc and netem

Hello openwrt community,

I'm using a openwrt version patched by SEEMOO lab (germany) that enables the usage of 802.11ad standard (60GHz wlan or previously known as WiGig)

I'd like to have tc (traffic control) on my openwrt.

I cannot install it with opkg because the kernel version installed on my device does not match the kernel version required by the package I want to install (failed MD5 check sum)
The problem being that I'm using a snapshot image.

Now I'd like to include tc package in the source code of my kernel (which I have access to) and compile a new kernel with tc included in it (the same way cat or ip are a priori included).

I'm absolutely not used to compiling openwrt kernel.
Could some one enlighten me with the required steps to add tc (traffic control) to openwrt source code and compile a new openwrt kernel ?

I'm at an impasse, the community's help will be truly appreciated.


Kernel version: 4.4.92
OS version: 17.01.4

P.S 2
I'v checked the "creating package" wiki. I'm confused about where to get the .tar of tc and about the rest of the steps. Is this the right approach ?

tc isn't a kernel package, but it depends on one. If you have the source then you can use this guide:

During the make menuconfig part you select tc to include it and the dependencies in the kernel.

The git clone line is what fetches the source in the guide, so you can skip that one. If you are using Windows then see It also describes how to check out a particular tag, if you get the source using git clone.