Compiling firmware problem (opkg in 17.01)

After the last commits for 'opkg' it seems that building the firmware is stuck on compiling opkg.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

You are talking about the 17.01 branch, right?
I noticed the same yesterday.

Strangely, the buildbot got first stuck with that but then the next build from the same commit seems to have succeeded.

@hnyman Yes I'm talking about the 17.01 branch. First I thought it had something to do with DNS issues because there were problems at my ISP, but when that was fixed I still had the same issues.

Strange that the buildbot build it succesful the second time.

I think for now the only thing we can do is rollback the latest commits before building until its fixed.

I noticed that reverting the last commit that removes the libubox host/install special rule, makes the opkg build in 17.01 to succeed again. Hopefully @jow manages to fix the opkg issue permanently.

EDIT: too early conclusion. :frowning:

That was too early conclusion. In the next build the "make" failed again.

Explicitly compiling libubox and ubox did not help, but "installing" them did. looks like there is some dependency problem. Probably with libubox host install rule, or so.

I cherry-picked another fix from master which should solve this problem.

@jow With the last commit I'm able to compile the firmware again, thank you.