Compiling Existing packages using C11


  • Very newbie here, be kind -

I am currently migrating custom packages from MIPS OpenWrt 18.06.4 to ARM7 OpenWrt 19.07.2.
All my custom packages are compiling flawlessly on the MIPS platform, and i am seeing some errors on the ARM 7 platform that seem related to C11, maybe not explicitly defined ?

No such file or directory   #include <unordered_map>
fatal error: cstdint: No such file or directory   #include <cstdint>
error: 'to_string' is not a member of 'std'
fatal error: chrono: No such file or directory    #include <chrono>

Is there a place in openwrt to 'force' C11 by default ? or does it have to be done in each package's makefile
(I'd rather have a general solution to not modify the MakeFiles that are shared with previous platform, those compiling well there)


those errors relate to C++. What packages are these?

Home made package - won't find them anywhere else.
they compile fine on the previous platform but not this one so i'm trying to find a difference (outside the package itself) that could lead to that)

Just letting ppl know i found my problem. I know ucLibC was included into the project instead of STDLibc and by switching to STD made everything comnpile. So closing this thread.