Compiling a package


I have a GL-AR300M for which GL-Inet supplies an sdk (I don't really know how much they have tweaked the openwrt SDK but I assume not very much).

With this SDK I am unable to compile some software (taskserver) that has been successfully compiled for openwrt (see Guide on creating new packages).

As I don't get any support on the GL-Inet forum and as I said I am running into problems using their sdk I wonder if it would be possible to use the openwrt sdk to compile this software: Would I stand a chance that the resulting executable would work on my device?

I am rather new to openwrt and would not want to waste time on something that maybe has no chance of succeeding...

Many thanks!

If you use the SDK matching the OpenWrt release GL.inet based their image on, then sure. As long as you don't need stuff like kernel modules or a very specific library version it should not be too difficult.

One of the best indicators is the kernel you're on, e.g. 19.07 uses mixed 4.14, next stable release will be 5.4; 18.06 uses both 4.9 and 4.14 (depending on hardware) and 17.01 had prevalently 4.4 but also 3.18 still for some targets, it seems.

You should have continued in that thread. Maybe if you had posted the error while trying to compile the package with GL-Inet SDK you could have gotten some help on that. However, given that the AR-300M is supported in vanilla OpenWrt, why don't you flash that?

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Sorry, I am a total noob when it comes to openwrt.

I'd love to run vanilla openwrt on my device - what would I have to do?