Compile single package download fails

Im trying to compile a single package for target: Linkit Smart 7688
make package/libc/download fails as well as compile with error:
~/Documents/openwrt/include/ recipe for target 'package/libc/download' failed

What i do is:

  • download git repo of openwrt
  • ./scripts/feed update and install both with -a
  • make menuconfig
  • select build openwrt sdk in topmost menu
  • make download &&make -j5 V=s
  • ./scripts/feed update and install both with -a
  • make package/libc/download

if i flash that firmware to my target and do:

opkg list-installed | grep libc

i get:

libc - 1.1.23-2
libcomerr0 - 1.44.5-1

So libc seams to be in the firmware but make package/libc/x fails. Howcome?

There is no libc package by itself.
It is embedded in the musl libc (or in glibc) in toolchain.

(Your 1.1.23 indicates that you have the default musl-libc.)

But there should be no reason to download it separately.

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