Compile image for D-Link DGS-1210-52 ver C1 from GPL sources

Got a D-Link DGS-1210-52 Ver C1 dowloaded GPL source code from:

I'd like to try building an image but don't know how to begin...
Tryed to find some info about how to build and image from GPL source code... but found nothing.
Any help will be welcome.

Thanks in advance!

In the boot log, what cpu does that device have?
You will have to mount a serial connector on if it doesn’t have a original console port.

Most often this family doesn’t have Realtek cpu before version F1 and “no Realtek is pretty much a party pooper”.

Have you seen this tread that is pretty much the foundation of switch support for the dgs-1210 family:

This is also a part of the OpenWRT support for switches.

Thanks @flygarn12 :slight_smile:
No, I hadn't seen that post.
As far as I know its CPU is probably Broadcom (not in the title but in the body):

I'll dive into those links you gave :+1: