Compile Firmware 14.07

I have tlwr740 with small flash( 4MB). I install firmware 14.07 but i can not file package to install.
I run command in putyy: "opkg update" nothing happend.
Please tell me how can i install some package for example: udpxy or xupnpd.
thanks for help.

Have a look at before doing anything else.
Now, what does "noting happend" exactly means?

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If you are looking for packages to the ancient Barrier Breaker 14.07, the packages can be found at:

you will probably need to either

  • manually download .ipkg packages from there
  • edit /etc/opkg.conf (or whatever the opkg feed conf file then was) and make it to point into that archive download site.

Please tell me the source code 14.07.

Barrier breaker branch in archive.