Compile error with "libgpg-error1.12"

OS: Archlinux

Error log:

Last month i have the same proble when build fireware for R7800. Then i downgrade gawk from 5 to 4.12, make clean and success. Today when i build x86, the error came again. The source is lede now has been merged with Openwrt.

Thank you.

Is there some reason you don’t want to use official openwrt source? Github unless someone has been maintaining that repo you linked to and porting across changes from openwrt , then it’ll have diverged quite a bit by now (ie. try building from official source and see if it throws the same/similar error)

the unofficial is very famous in our country. He add the function we need to the source. Like shadowsocksr, v2ray,adbyby, all of a word, it's conveniont for us to compile our own file. Another reason, we use the same language, he help us solves many questions every day. But for single person, he couldn't help us solve every questions and bugs.
He suggest we use ubuntu, but i use archlinux, simple and has many softwares.