Compile dwarves fails to build

While trying to build Openwrt for my Dynalink WRX36 today, I was surprised by an error. I checked out OpenWRT via git, updated the feeds and selected my target and device via "make menuconfig. In the "Advanced configuration options" I only selected "Compile all host tools" and "Download folder", "Log folder" and "ccache".

Is it possible that the problem is caused by my Debian 12 installation ?

assume you've already tried what's in the error log you posted ?

No, I have not yet.

I did the same thing again on Archlinux and I get the same error.

Should I append the "-fPIC" to the Make command or do I need to edit a Makefile?

With the Git version "r24218-c25c1e28b7" the problem didn't seem to exist yet, because I built my last firmware with it.firmware with it.