Compile Cellular modems Driver files

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I would like to do compile for 2 files:


How can I do it?

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Hezi Zilka.

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You will need to build the drivers in the same build tree as the kernel, from the same sources.

The OpenWrt build system is described at

If this is still in reference to a Gateworks board, that means their tree and build system, which is different than the OpenWrt tree and build system, as pointed out at Update Karnel drivers - openwrt 16.02 - karnel 4.4 (Gateworks)

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Jeff if you know and it seem like you do, could you please direct me how to do it?
when I'm changing those files and try to compile I get a compile error.

I'm new in linux and OpenWRT, What Programs/Apps I need to use in order to compile?

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Hezi Zilka.

I would start with the directions at and try to build a completely "vanilla" OpenWrt, such as the ar71xx target from the openwrt-18.06 branch. That will help you get your prerequisites straightened out on a known-good build system that many people use constantly.

Once you're able to build, without any errors, from that tree, then you can try following the Gateworks directions for their tree. You can then try that on your device to confirm that it is running properly. As with any flash of firmware, you should have already confirmed that you can recover your device back to a known-good firmware image should your flash fail, or the firmware not be functional.

Once you can build their "16.02" firmware without any modifications, then you can try to add the needed modules to your build. Hopefully they can be added through make menuconfig or the like, as they would be with a OpenWrt-supplied build system. You will likely need to install both custom firmware and the custom kernel modules as the kernel and modules need to be consistent with each other.