Compile 21.02 for RB450G

Just side tracking here. I would like to ask if somebody was able to build the current stable release of OpenWrt 21.02 for this device?

4 years later???



This devices has been supported and is almost end-of-support. There's no need to build a release, just download it and install.

4 years later, sure, why not? :slight_smile:

This this is still running fine for me, can do routing for up to 1Gbit home connections without an issue (with hardware/software flow offload enabled)

My question was that if anyone, or knows anyone who complied a current stable release (21.02), or snapshot for this device, as I understood the sources would need to be ported to the 'new' ath79 arch. Currently I'm running 19.07.10 on this device.

I'm also into getting an RB450Gx4 which is also an EoL device, and according to the wiki, it has an unofficial, but working OpenWrt build for it.

I mean 4 years later in the same thread. I think this is a good device!

You described the problem; but asked if a stable release exists?

:bulb: Did you look at the link I sent?

Perhaps someone can comment on this regarding 21.02. The developer's thread may be better (and a new post).

A different device?

unoffical != OpenWrt[forum*supported]

Hopes dashed, still no 21.02 release.

This is the description that needs to be done:

Maybe somene with a lot of time and will power... and at least one RB450G...