Compilation of Lede 17.01.04 SDK fails at libwebsocket

I am compiling Lede 17.01.04 SDK for ar71xx-generic platform with following packages.

libustream-openssl, mosquitto-ssl, mosquitto-client-ssl, libopenssl, libmosquitto-ssl, libmosquittopp

This compilation fails with following errors. snapshot release works fine:

    • ssl-server.c:160:10: error: 'SSL_TLSEXT_ERR_NOACK' undeclared
    • implicit declaration of function 'SSL_get_SSL_CTX'
    • ssl-server.c:189:11: error: 'SSL_TLSEXT_ERR_OK' undeclared

Any path available to build mosquitto-ssl and corrosponding client libraries for Lede 17.0.04 SDK?

Hmmm, I build it on lede-17.01 and master.


needs to be set, I've found.

Thanks Jeff. But When I following packages, option "CONFIG_OPENSSL_WITH_DEPRECATED" is already set to "y" and still the build fails.

./scripts/feeds install libustream-openssl, mosquitto-ssl, mosquitto-client-ssl, libopenssl, libmosquitto-ssl, libmosquittopp

My builds contain mosquitto-client-ssl, but I do build from the source tree directly. I've never tried the "SDK" so I don't know how much more complicated the full build environment is. You can either checkout the "v17.01.4" tag, or the "lede-17.01" branch if you do go that direction.

I don't have libmosquittopp though

# CONFIG_PACKAGE_libmosquittopp is not set

though it looks like it is failing in the OpenSSL compile.

Edit: I just checked with adding libmosquittopp and I can compile successfully off both the v17.01.4 tag, as well as the lede-17.01 branch head, using the full toolchain.

Thanks Jeff. I was able to build libwebsocket and other stuff from the source tree tagged 17.04 directly which did not work using SDK.

This is not an issue with snapshot where SDK build works fine.