Compex WLE900VX: which driver/firmware to use - ath10k or ath10k-ct?

Hi all
I have a Compex WLE900VX from PCengines. With an APU2D4 board.Its not really clear to me which driver and I should use the standard ATH10K driver or the modified ATH10K-CT drivers. Can someone shine some light on this for me. The documentation is not clear on the pros and cons between the two.

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I have the exact same Setup and also wanna know which ones best?

I have two WLE900VX cards (one for each band) on my Turris Omnia. It took me a while to get both 802.11w and WPA3-Personal working, but I found out that the combination of the Candela Technologies' ath10k-ct driver and QCA988x HTT firmware (the ath10k-firmware-qca988x-ct-htt package) is stable. Previously, with other combinations, both cards' drivers/firmwares would crash within days, if I enabled 802.11w.
YMMV, of course, this is my personal experience. :wink:

I have 14days uptime on PC Engines apu2 now.

ath10k-firmware-qca988x-ct-htt - 2019-10-03-d622d160-1
kmod-ath - 4.14.167+4.19.98-1-1
kmod-ath10k-ct - 4.14.167+2019-09-09-5e8cd86f-1

Please make sure you are using the HTT firmware. The non HTT version has this WMI issue.

are theses firmware, ct-htt, compatibles with MVEBU cortex a53 ?