Compex WLE1216V5-23 - tx power and MU-MIMO support

Hello everybody,

I am working with a Gateworks GW6200 SBC and I have a problem when connecting a Compex WLE1216V5-23 radio module to the SBC through the PCIe connector.

The radio module works with ath10k and I am using OpenWRT on the SBC.

The module works correctly and I am able to configure it as an access point.
However, it seems that the transmission power is less than the one we set using hostapd. In fact, placing a receiver at a distance of 10 cm from the access point, the power there is -80 dBm.
I was wondering whether this is a hardware problem, and thus I need to add a power amplifier, or it is simply related to some registers to be properly set for the ath10k firmware.

Secondly, I would also like to know whether OpenWRT supports MU-MIMO functionalities for this radio module.

I hope you can help me solve these issues.
With best regards,