Competitively priced customizable IOT Router board

Can someone recommend a competitively priced customizable IOT Router board that can support the following below:

  1. 64MB Flash

  2. 256MB RAM

  3. 1GbE LAN Port

  4. 1 GbE WAN Port

  5. Dual SIM Card slots

  6. m.2 slot for inserting 4G LTE module model of our choice / preference

  7. mini PCIe slot for inserting LoRa / ZWave / Zigbee / BLE module of our choice / preference
    Note: Above mini PCIe slot should support both SPI Interface and USB Interface

  8. OpenWRT

It should include complete set with all supporting items / accessories included except the 4G LTE module and IOT module. We need to custom develop this router model.

In case anyone has a good recommendation then please kindly drop me a [MODERATOR EDIT: Redacted email, added the next bit] PM and/or reply in this thread.

this is rather vague, isn't it ?

the pc engines series, but they're soon (or already are) EOL.

except there's no m.2 slot for 4G modem, perhaps mPCIe's good enough ?

check the different BananaPis too, but not all of them are supported by openwrt.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. We have already developed and launched many different variants of alix and apu boards from PC Engines. But they have already reached EOL now as per the latest announcement published on their website. So we need to find new board models that can support m.2 / mini PCIe slot for 4G LTE module and mini PCIe slot for IOT module. Just that the mini PCIe slot for IOT module should support both SPI Interface and USB Interface so that we can integrate different types of IOT module models with the IOT router board.