Compatible M.2 card 2.4Ghz

I had to replace my N5105 router (long story short, a bad - shorted - HDMI cable burned out my processor or at least the graphic chip) in which I had an AR9485 (ath9k) mini-pcie card which worked fine for years.
I bought another N5105 based router which no longer has a Mini PCIe slot but has M.2 PCIe slots.

I have a lot of old Intel M.2 card but it seems that I can't use them in AP mode.
What card should I by to replace it ?

My need is really minimalist, 2.4GHz only, and I plan to use it at very low power like the previous one (1mW) to cover the area around my router for my IoT devices.
But I don't want to add another AP (no more power outlets, no more network cable, no more mess) for this really small need.
I don't need AX or AC 5GHz (I was able to find a lot of information on these cards on the forum) 2.4Ghz N only ... and of course cheap :wink:

it would be perfect if it could have the same antenna connector as the previous one (mhf1 instead of mhf4 on the most recent cards)

Thanks in advance

i think intel will work in ap mode on 2.4 ghz card

But the performance is really bad - something like 8 devices max support. Look for a qualcomm or mediatek devices - just had a similarl search today on aliexpress and found mt7921k for around 20$

So I have found a QCA9565 for 9€ locally (single band 2.4GHz, no Bluetooth, perfect. The other solution was a RTL8822BE, dual band + wifi. Should draw more power for nothing usefull in my case)
I hope that will not happen to me:

Don't wan't to recompile each time I need to update my router only for the wlan card.
I will know that in few days

EDIT: M.2 QCA9565 (QCNFA335) received today ... works fine with kmod-ath9k, no problem. Thanks everyone

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