Compatible Firmware installation for AirLive - W6184QAX

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I am a newbie. I have an AirLive - W6184QAX as the link attached is the spec sheet from the manufacture. Here is some research that I did, on the CPU of the router.

I tried to search for the correct firmware from OpenWRT, does anyone know what is the compatible firmware that allow the device to be flash and use OpenWRT software ?

Jing Sheng.

If it ain't there, it's not (officially) supported.

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Do we have another alternative to flash the original firmware?

Jing Sheng

You might find a device with the same SoC, but that's the easy part.

The device in question here uses an ipq60xx SOC, not ipq807x as in case of the ax3600. While the later is actively being worked on, no one has started working on ipq60xx so far (and it's also much further behind in terms of upstream/ mainline support). While it should be supportable in the future, it will take significant time to get working. If you want to use your device with OpenWrt within a reasonable amount of time, ipq807x would be the safer bet (and even that is still a bet on the development being successful).

Ah, then i misread the link provided by OP :confused: