Compatibility of ping-watchdog from gargoyle 1.10 for openwrt 18.06?


is it possible to adapt this ping-watchdog from gargoyle 1.10 (openwrt 15.05) for openwrt 18.06 :

or maybe something like this already exist ?! in luci

ip to ping, ping interval, startup delay, failure ping count and action :

  • wan reconnect
  • reboot
  • custom script

Thank you in advance.

There is a similar module for "collected", perhaps it will meet your needs.

the closest is luci-app-watchcat

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almost but luci-app-watchcat do only the reboot

sorry I don't understand is it luci-app-watchcat or another one ?

There is a module for "collected" that monitors connectivity, but unfortunately it does not perform any action in case of failure; I realize that it does not meet your needs.

Watchcat is implemented with a script (/usr/bin/ which could be readily modified to do some other action.

Luci-app-watchcat extends Luci to configure watchcat. The watchcat package which does the actual work is installed as a dependency.

Gargoyle v1.11.0 based on OpenWrt 18.06 with still the ping watchdog plugin from 2013 !

Too bad nobody as done something similar with LEDE.