Compat/syslog_r.lo is not a valid libtool object

I've received this kind of error for the first time.
I'm trying to build Openwrt from source code (branch v22.03) for Linkit Smart 7688.

My setup is:

  • Ubuntu 22.04.3
  • Target System "MediatTek Ralink MIPS"
  • Subtarget "MT76x8 based boards"
  • Target Profile "MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688"

The error is
libtool: link: compat/syslog_r.lo is not a valid libtool object

I tryed to update libtool too with
sudo apt-get install libtool
but nothing changed

I've solved. I was using wrong branch, changing it to v22.03.5 all worked fine