Comparing Bolton Technical Long Ranger and previous parabolic dish model

I have used custom built hardware with both openWRT and Rooter for my 4g connection, as well as t-mobile's hardware, unfortunately in order to use their new 5g home internet I have to use their hardware, but thankfully I can still hook up my antenna's. So I have a pair of the Bolton Technical parabolic antennas on my roof that I am using and they have been working well, however I noticed now that Bolton has released a new version that they are calling the Long Ranger. It appears to me that everything is the same aside from the feed horn and from looking at the technical drawings I can find the mounting point is the same. I would like to upgrade to the new horn since I primarily run on band 2 and the gain of the newer horn is much improved in that range, not to mention it no longer requires adjustment. I contacted Bolton and from what I inferred from our conversation the newer horns are able to be purchased alone, but but after telling him the antenna I have now they told me the mounting point isn't the same, however I call baloney. I was hoping someone out there had the new model and could let me know the spacing of the mount holes on the "new dish" so I could match it to mine. Like I said I have already done some research after they told me and I am fairly certain it is the same, I just want to double check before I get back to them. If this is not an appropriate place for this please let me know and I will be glad to relocate/remove it. Thank you for the help.

This appears to have little to do with openwrt, so probably doesn’t really have a place on this forum. But if these antennas are (or were) used with openwrt supported hardware, it would be better for this to be in the hardware category.

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Please ask the manufacturer about the spacing of the mount holes, he should know best.

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