Comparative Throughput Testing Including NAT, SQM, WireGuard, and OpenVPN

I assume WireGuard is not multithreaded yet. Would be interesting to get results for mt7621. I assume those SMT cores would be quite worthless.

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I am seeing around 120 Mb/s via Wireguard on my mt7621 device. Pretty decent I'd say.

Edit: Whoops, it was 120 Mbit/s, not 120 MB/s.


Any affordable cheap but functional MT7621 devices out there?

I'd like to test one, but they don't really have any other use for me, so hard to justify the spend. I've got enough spare routers on the bench already.

Disclaimer: I don't own any mt7621 devices myself

(until recently, the Xiaomi Mi Router 3g v1 would have been part of the list, but that's no longer built and silently replaced by v2, which requires flashing the SPI-NOR chip externally and has gotten rid of USB ports)

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Netgear r6220 is single core device, and will not be a good representation of what mt7621 devices are capable of.


Ah, the dreaded difference between mt7621st and mt7621a, these seem to be equipped with mt7621a instead:

  • Netgear r6260
  • Netgear r6350
  • Netgear r6850

The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X seems to be liked by some.

Has PoE but no WiFi.

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Good suggestion. It's also pretty cheap due to lacking WiFi. A perfect benchmark candidate :slight_smile:

Hi guys, Im newbie for here, some other devices cheap and near 20mb with OPENVPN?

welcome, create a new thread regarding your specific needs :santa:

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Edited my earlier post. Had a brainfart. I was talking about Mbit/s, not MB/s of course.

Snuck in some mvebu numbers, updated the IPQ4019

Now testing flow offload, as well as explicitly setting AES-256-CBC for OpenVPN. Seems like it was using BF-CBC (Blowfish) as the default.

Had to trim out several comments due to a 32,000-character limit on a post. I'll figure out how to manage it after the holidays.


Asus RT-AC57U is dual core as well. Same for the D-Link DIR-860L Rev B.

Just got a DIR-878 Rev A1 in as well, but that's MT7615E wireless.

Doesn't matter if you are testing wired routing speeds only :slight_smile: Netgear r6260 is also a good option.

If anyone is looking for a cheap multi-core MT7621A router that works with 19.07 - check - $90 and shipped from China

It's a ZBT WG3526 with 512MbRAM, 16Mb flash, should be 2 cores but shows 4 in /proc/cpuinfo. Comes with a custom OS that can be re-flashed to openwrt-19.07 using instructions for similar router:

I still need to properly test it, especially given [18.06.4] speed fix for BT HomeHub 5a, but it shows ~420Mbit/sec over close range 5Ghz wifi in default config (where wifi irqs are pinned to single cpu and RPS is enabled for all cpus but 0)

That should be right. The MT7621A is a dual-core MIPS 1004Kc, each with SMT(2).

isn't it weird that ath79 and ipq40xx perform almost the same (SQM) while one is single core mips and the other quad core arm? are the 3 other cores used at all?

anyway, for what it's worth, on my mt7621A dir-860l B1 NAT is about 800Mbps and SQM is between 200 and 300 MBps (cake, piece of cake)

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OpenVPN is single threaded. IPQ40xx could probably do three OpenVPN sessions with same speed though.

hmm yea, i was talking about nat+sqm tho...

I think NAT+SQM is also single threaded?