Comparable alternatives to raspberry pi 4?

So the pi 4's only come as a keyboard ($100), not the small board versions which wont be sold for another year. Are there any tiny wrt compatible ARM boards that will handle Gbit connections like the pi 4 can?

NanoPi R4S, RockPro64

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Is the size a thing?

There are older, but cheaper (mostly used though) devices, capable of delivering 1gbit.

Also RockPi 4B.

You are mixing up RPi4 and RPi400.

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You want this:

All memory flavors of these are hard to come by now due to supply chain issues and many that do have stock are charging ~2x MSRP or higher.

As already mentioned by @trendy above the RockPi 4B is a good alternative that appears to be available from multiple sources. The ASUS Tinkerboard 2 and 2S also seem to be sporadically available but at a higher cost than the RockPi 4B.

RockPro64 (RK3399) is a very solid choice and most likely a better one in all regards

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