Communication between clients blocked

Hi guys,

need help.

i made a vlan -> eth0.60

On my Switch i did pvid 60 on port 10 and 17
port 1 is openwrt

i forbid port 10 & 17 on vlan 1
i tagged port 1&10&17 on vlan 60

on port 17 there is a dump poe switch on port 10 is my pc.

all clients has correct ip on the right subnet. but i cant ping or access other devices on this subnet.

answer fine.

ping (other client) it shows me: no targethost and the answer is from my own pc ( and not from looks like a loop ?

my config for this vlan

i dont know whats wrong. maybe someone can help.
thank you

Ok my fault.

i set port 10 & 17 to untagged and pvid 60
now it works.

hope this is fine.

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Have you also tagged the packets from the hosts in this subnet?

thats the problem. my pc are not tagged . thank you for the fast response.

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