Communicate with device on different vlan/subnet | multicast

I have been trying to fix this problem for a couple of days now, but I can't make it work.

I have 3 VLANs 10, 20, 30
10 on subnet (Private)
20 on subnet (IOT)
30 on subnet (Guest)
In short I want my guests to be able to cast youtube to my media player on lets say ip

I have managed to set a traffic rule to forward that device to the guest network and I can ping it just fine, the problem is that the YouTube app cannot find/see it. I guess it is because it is in another subnet.

Is there a way to make the devices on the guest network to see it?

I'm sorry if this question has been asked a 1000 times before, I have really tried to search everywhere on the internet but I just can't get it to work.


Never done this myself but I suspect this will be a multicast discovery issue. Most probably you will have to pass multicast traffic between the subnets. I would searching for more detail on what multicast traffic is required and then find a multicast routing solution to pass that traffic.

Hopefully someone on here will have done the exact same thing and be able to give you specific details

Good luck


For my Chromecast I got it working for someone with Avahi/mDNS to use it between subnets.


I have looked in to it but I can't get it to work :sleepy:
Tried to follow several guides and tips but nothing works.

If I connect to my private network and connect to the media player and then reconnect to my guest network, I can still control the media player but if i disconnect YouTube it wont find it again. That means they can "talk" to each other but not automatically see each other.

A guide which looks promising. Resolving mDNS across VLANs with Avahi on OpenWRT – Just another Linux geek (

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