Common use case for simplified web interface

Luci is a wonderful web interface providing the ability to configure OpenWrt in every possible way, however most vendors rewrite the web interface to offer a simplified interface for common home user setups. In this thread I’d like to collect those use cases and and later implement them as rpcd calls, usable by Luci.

Below a list from the top of my head, please comment on missing cases you’d like to see implemented.

  • Setup the WiFi
    • Also show frequencies to manually select least noisy channel
  • Setup the password
  • Setup a guest WiFi with possible bandwidth limitations
    • Additionally disable internet access for specific use cases, like printer sharing
  • Setup an OpenVPN connection
  • Set IP of LAN network
  • Setup device as repeater
    • Possibly even as a (fancy) mesh repeater via batman-adv
  • Set static IP for device based on on MAC address
  • Setup port forward to destination host
  • Setup subnetwork for a single LAN Porta
  • Set WAN mode - DHCP, ppp, etc, dump AP (bridge WAN and LAN & disable the firewall)

I’ll setup rpcd calls for the list with possible parameters and post them in a special repository or to the contrib folder of luci.git.

As I’m not an expert of uci configurations, suggestions are very welcome!

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You might want to look at GL.iNet's v3 firmware. At least in my opinion, they've done a great job of implementing most of that in a relatively turn-key way.


Toggles.... for most of that stuff ( toggle openvpn, wifi etc. etc. )

Some simple json reports too.... uptime, wificlients etc. might be handy......

I have no such devices, could you send some screenshots so I have an idea?

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You can find screenshots of their web interface in their online docs
choose other actions you want to perform (to see the screenshots) from the menu on the left.

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I'd add:

  • setting up the device for smartphone tethering over USB
  • setting up the device as a wifi client (i.e. use its wifi to connect to another wifi)

Also having a simplified "share a USB device" would be useful.

Something from Poland for inspirations:

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On my mind not very common but useful:
-Unmount/Eject USB Storage Device
-Scan for &Mount USB Storage
-GPIO toggle control - some folks add smart-home stuff to it, simple toggle list with (on/off)
-GPIO inputs display (high/low, for sensors)
-Toggle firewall temporarily
-Toggle port temporarily
-“Parental controls” per device access setting in a convenient way